Bordeaux Inspired

The classic Bordeaux style has a hypnotic influence on the style of wine produced in many wine regions. These wines are rich, full-bodied Cabernets steeped in chocolate, mint, jammy berries, and juicy, plummy Merlots. There are a vast variety of Bordeaux-based wines to choose from and with each winemaker and distinct region comes a different wine.

Food Match: Roasted lamb with rosemary or a juicy steak. 

Champagne and Sparkling

Discover a flavour spectrum that includes bready notes, grilled almonds, brioche, orange rind, and lemon oil.

Non-vintage blends are the foundation of champagne because grapes from one harvest usually do not make good wines; however, exceptional champagnes are sometimes sold as vintages. Blending grapes from different vintages has resulted in unique house styles from the leading labels to the lesser-known but exceptional producers.

Food match: As an aperitif, with hors d’oeuvres, or alongside lobster, langoustine or scallops in white sauce.

Classic Chardonnay

Chardonnay has traditional Burgundian roots and its classic styles come from Chablis and Puligny-Montrachet. The taste of Chardonnay can be mineral, oak-infused and buttery, or distinctly tropical.

Chardonnay’s reputation has suffered because of over-oaking, however, Chardonnay is also capable of producing a diverse range of textures and flavours.

Food Match: Chablis with oysters, smoked haddock with other white Burgundy.

Crisp, Refreshing Whites

These whites are crisp, fresh and endearing. This style group is abundant with citrus zest, juicy fruits, minerality, and vitality.

This brilliant selection is the perfect opportunity to discover some rare and untapped wines from lesser known grapes, regions and vineyards throughout Europe and the New World.

Food match: Great with grilled fish, seafood, and creamy chicken dishes.

Dessert & Fortified

These wines are richly textured, concentrated, and sometimes nutty. Our delicious dessert wines don’t necessarily need to be paired with a sweet to be enjoyed. Salty blue cheese, high-quality pâtés and lobster all magnificently compliment some of our dessert style wines.

We also have a great selection of vintage ports and Sherry. 

Fruity & Aromatic Whites

These wines, while subtle and sensitive, delight through the flavours of peach, lychee, mango, honeysuckle, acacia, and blossom.

These fruity and aromatic whites are derived from premium cool-climate growing regions, such as Italy’s Friuli and Alsace in France.

Food match: Best enjoyed with spicy foods, smoked fish, Chinese and Mexican dishes.

Left Bank Claret:

The Left Bank is the most authoritative regional style in the world. It refers to Bordeaux’s appellations of the Left Bank of the Gironde, which includes Médoc greats from Pauillac, Saint-Julien, Graves, and Margaux. The wine estates of Mouton-Rothschild and Lafite, for example, are steeped in history and tradition.

The Left Bank is dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon, which is reflected in their full-bodied and long-lived tannic style. These wines carry the classic nuances of blackcurrant, cedar, and spice.

Food Match: A rack of lamb or a steak fillet would be perfect pairing.

Oak in Harmony:

This group embraces buttery, smoky, toasty, vanilla-infused flavours – which come from being aged in oak.

This process is a skilled part of the winemaking process from the traditional regions of Europe and the New World estates that produce harmony and balance. Oaking should enhance a grape’s natural characteristics and not be overdone.

Food Match: Enjoy with smoked salmon, pork chops and poultry dishes.

Perfect Pinot

Pinot Noir is elegant in its youth, with flavours of sweet red and black summer fruits. It then develops gamey, mushroom, and earthy notes once it has matured. 

Meticulous selection is needed when sourcing pinot because the notoriously inconsistent grape is often reluctant to reveal these trademark flavours.

The skin of a Pinot is thin, making it susceptible to rot and fungus, and it can be quite the headache for wine growers.

Discover elite growers from its native heartland, Burgundy’s Côte de Nuits district, or the richly fruity style of New Zealand’s North Island.

Food match: Game, such as duck and wild boar are a must.

Pure red & Black Fruits

These lavish wines are expressive and fun loving. The flavours of raspberries, wild strawberries, and red cherries explode in your mouth, while black fruit such as blackcurrant, plums, and black cherry please the palate.

This style carries a bright and breezy attitude towards wine making and doesn’t subscribe to the traditions of fancy labels or prices. Frontrunners in Europe include Beaujolais in France, while Spain and Italy also champion this accessible wine with value and style.

Food Match: Great on its own, or enjoy with rich tomato-based pasta dishes and pizza.

Right Bank Claret

This Bordeaux wine comes from the Right bank, or eastern side of the Gironde Estuary. 

Merlot is the dominant grape used in this district. This grape usually produces softer, less tannic wines, and more approachable reds than those of the Left Bank. Nuances such as blackcurrant, plums, cassis, and mint can all be found in these wines. This style group boasts leading labels from Pomerol and Saint-Émilion, as well as lesser-known districts such as Fronsac and the Côtes de Castillon.

Food Match: Pairs well with hearty red meat dishes and roast lamb.

Savoury & Piquant

This style of wine is earthy and powerful. It feature animal notes such as leather, meat and game, as well as hints of nature with herbs and spices. Elements of wood smoke, coffee, chocolate and tar are also combined to create the perfect rustic red.

Food match: Tuscan style fillet-steak seasoned with black pepper, salt and a squeeze of lemon.

Softer, Riper Whites

These whites deliver creamy and nutty nuances and are sometimes honeyed in texture with hints of peaches and apricot.

The softness and richness of the flavours of ripe whites are universal in appeal.

Food Match: Enjoy with a creamy pasta carbonara, a tasty chicken chasseur, or cauliflower cheese.

Sophisticated Reds

Complex and sophisticated reds are spice-racked infused with flavours such as black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.

It requires an impeccable skill to craft wines with the balance, harmony and sophistication of these spicy reds.

Food Match: Thai, Mexican, Indian, and Chinese dishes do wonders when paired with these sophisticated reds.

Vibrant Sauvignon

Grassy, herbaceous, and overtly tropical wines are all found within this style group.

Sauvignon Blanc’s greatest producers can be found in the classic Loire Valley Pouilly-Fumé and Sancerre. These world-class whites offer nuances of freshly mown grass, blackcurrant leaf and hay. This style of wine is also prominent in northern Italy, Australia, and New Zealand.

Food match: Delicious grilled fish, seafood, and creamy chicken dishes.