There are a number of important factors to consider when selecting a fine wine merchant. Venulum Ltd. has developed a loyal customer base over the years which continues to grow for the following reasons:


Throughout the decades, we’ve forged important connections with prominent producers and négociants who provide us with special access to some of the finest wines in the world. With an office located on the cusp of old world European wine country, Venulum is well positioned to continually access, research, and purchase the high-quality wines our customers want.

Quality Guarantee

With dedicated representatives on-the-ground venturing right to the source of the fine wine dealers, Venulum Ltd. can guarantee the impeccable provenance of your fine wine purchase. By dealing directly with the Chateaus or other reputable companies within the secondary market, Venulum Ltd. instills confidence so our customers can rest assured knowing you received the exact quality that you paid for.

Buying Power

At Venulum Ltd., we pride ourselves on our ability to sell high-quality wines at reasonable prices. High-volume purchasing allows us to maintain lower costs per bottle creating value we share with our loyal customers.   


With Venulum, buyers of fine wine benefit greatly from a wealth of resources readily accessible to them throughout their buying journey. From dedicated account managers to on-the-ground representatives, our team is here for you to help make your fine wine buying experience a success. 

Stress-Free Shipping

The storing and shipping of fine wine is an important element of the buying process that should not be overlooked. Improper handling of your fine wine purchase will have a detrimental impact on its provenance, detracting from the value. Venulum Ltd. will safeguard the provenance of your fine wine purchase through proper shipping and storage techniques, ensuring the bottles remain in the optimal, stable temperature conditions at all times.