Tasting notes will help you make informed buying decisions. We also have our own wine rating system. We often include scores and reviews from the world’s leading wine critics to provide an unbiased recommendation of our wines. These reviewers include:

Robert Parker

Parker's Wine Advocate is the world's most influential wine publication and is renowned for its consistency and independent views. A score in the 80s indicates an average to very good wine; a score of 90-95 points indicates an outstanding wine, while a score of 96+ is reserved for an extraordinary wine.

The Wine Spectator

The Wine Spectator is an American periodical. Its tasting notes and scores are highly regarded in the wine trade and by American consumers. Wines are tasted “blind” to ensure objectivity. Scores in the 80s are reserved for good to very good wines; 90-94 for outstanding, and 95+ are deemed classic.

Stephen Tanzer

Stephen Tanzer is known as one of the mot objective reviewers in the world. Good wines score 80-84, 85-89 very good to excellent, 90-94 outstanding, and 95+ extraordinary. 

Gambero Rosso

Gambero is the leading Italian wine guide. It rates wines by awarding them one, two or three glasses. One glass is a well-made wine, two glasses means very good and three means excellent.

Chris Kissack, winedoctor.com

The Wine Doctor, an online website dedicated to reviewing wine, has become supremely popular since it was created by Chris Kissack in 2000. Kissack is a professional wine writer and has developed a website specializing in wine information, reviews, and personal opinions. Kissack has a reliable palate and judges in the Loire Category of the Decanter World Wine Awards.

Jamie Goode, wineanorak.com

Jamie Goode is a highly influential and respected wine columnist. He writes for The Sunday Express, Decanter, and his own website, wineanorak.com. Goode won the 2007 Glenfiddich Wine Writer of the year award and wrote his first book, Wine Science, in 2006 and released a second edition in 2014.