Buying wines to lay down for ageing or investment can be a daunting and complicated process; wine made in France, stored in the UK and aged for several years has its risks and pitfalls. One of the biggest risks is ensuring its provenance and authenticity. Venulum’s experience and dedicated team will do everything possible to ensure that the wine is what it should be.

Drinking wines sold in our portfolio have been meticulously tasted by a team of seasoned wine buyers to tantalise your palette and introduce you to some of the world's most interesting wines off the beaten track. Everyone loves to discover something new and our buyers travel extensively to find new producers and exciting new wine makers.

We take every precaution to ensure the provenance of each bottle of fine wine we sell, from modern selections to historic vintages. We also only obtain stock from vintners and recognized merchants with many years of standing.

Our purchasing power allows us to obtain the finest wines at the market price. Venulum’s standing in the market and reputation enables us to acquire the famous names, rare gems, and exciting new wines from emerging stars of the fine wine world for which we’re well known.

Venulum has formed long standing valuable relationships with influential wine buyers and notable merchants in the industry. This includes specialist wine storage warehouses, such as The London City Bond and Octavian, where we store the majority of our fine wines and vintages to ensure good provenance.

Venulum also provides useful information about the different types of wine we have to offer in our Wine Information section. We are always here to help you make an informed choice to find the perfect wine to suit your interests and palate.

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